Travel With The Assurance And Confidence That Others Know Where You Are When You NEED Them To Know
Turn On A Personal Travel Safety Tracker In Under 1 Minute?
Finally! A Simple service That Will Allow You To Have Access To A Travel Safety Monitoring System For Business And Leisure.

In This Service You’ll Gain Access To:
  • Exactly how to travel confidently for business or leisure in the quickest way possible (you’ve never seen it done this way before)
  • The flexibility for different users to use different or preferred apps to share their location as required which is super important because you can use what you are most familiar with or comfortable with, without having to learn or install new and complex mobile applications
  • It helps you and your company implement a travel safety tracking procedure within minutes which is huge because it is consistent with international lone worker and travel safety risk management standards and can be applied without the usual company procurement delays and approvals
  • A dedicated travel safety and support help desk to capture and track your location which you’ll want because it saves you and your business significant cost and resources that you would have to build and maintain if you were to provide a similar solution
  • And much much more…
Share Your Location With Family, Friends And Now Travel Safety Experts Too!
"Turn It On Or Off As You Travel Or NEED To Share"
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